OD's Tsunami at
Snow Creek
Color: Blue & Cream Phantom
Colors ~ Blue, Apricot
Patterns ~ Solid, Sable, Brindle, Parti,
Sire: Odyssey's Naive Narcissus
Dam: Princess Laia
DOB: 14 January 2010
Height 27"   Weight 79 lbs.
'Nami is such a good girl. Sweet natured and
loving, she is the best company to curl up with
on a rainy day.  Her confidence and social
experiencing new people and places.   Playful
outdoors and quiet when in, we could not ask
for better house manners.  Her social and
inquisitive nature make her an excellent travel
companion.  She is also quiet and gentle,
making her a favorite with kids despite her
initially intimidating size.
She loves and trusts with her whole heart,
proving she is as beautiful on the inside as out.
Tsunami blessed us with her
last litter summer, 2014.  Her
son, Gryphon, will be a daily
reminder of how wonderful it
was to share our lives with her.
She is now living in Ohio with
Vanna and Poppy. We, and the
girls, are incredibly blessed to
have met David...a terrific guy
who adopted a "Poodle Pack"
of all three girls so they would
never be separated. An
amazing gift for our girls.
David often shares
pictures of the girls.
If you'd like to see
what they are up to
now, we will be
posting their photos