Sugar is an amazing boy!  He has such a zest for life.  He firmly believes the
world is his oyster, and he enjoys every minute of every day.  Running,
swimming, fetching, wrestling...everything he does is with his whole heart.   
Wicked smart and eager to please, he rarely needs to be shown something more
than twice before he is off and running to show off his new "trick".
We were blessed to add Sugar to our family  Christmas 2012. He arrived as a
gift from our friend Tari of DuBois Standard Poodles in Illinois. We love him to
pieces and are thankful for her generosity and kind spirit every time we hug
him. Thank you, Tari!
Baby Pics
Sugar left us summer of 2014 to join our friend Jacquie in
Arkansas, whom we adopted our first Poodle from in 2001.  
They fell for one another instantly!   We kept his daughter,
Briar, here with us.  She is on our Girls page.