D.O.B. 3 August 2010
Height 24"   Weight 45-50 lbs.
Color: Cream & Silver Sable
Tuxedo Parti
Colors ~ Cream, Apricot, Silver,
Blue, Silverbeige
Patterns ~ Brindle, Sable, Parti
Bunny's presence here is a blessing and a gift.
She is a Maize/Magnum daughter who was
adopted by Mary Dalton of Celtic Heart
Standard Poodles as a pup. When told we lost
Maize to a tragic accident the following year,
Mary  brought her all the way back from
Delaware to rejoin our family. Thank you,
Mary. We are thankful to have another little
piece of Maize here to love.
Bunny is the thinker in the family, having her
mom's patience and her dad's confidence and
curiosity.  She takes her time to assess a
situation and decide how she wants to handle it
before diving in.   Affectionate but quiet,  she is
delightful company when curling up with a good
book on a rainy day.  She is loving and devoted
to us both, but her heart belongs to Olivia. They
adore one another and are nigh inseparable.
Baby Pics