Thank You
Thank you to everyone who has
helped us through the tragedies and
hard times that have impacted our
lives and our program.
April 2019, our family was devastated by a horrible act of cruelty and inhumanity. Someone, with a soul of stone,
poisoned our dogs.  Except for Joplin, who was out of state with a friend, and two puppies who were in the house at
the time, we lost everyone.  Our family was murdered, and eighteen years of passionate and thoughtful breeding
was wiped out, all in one day.  While we are moving forward, working with fellow breeders to bring our lines back
home to re-establish our program, we will never truly recover.  RIP, our angels.
It will take years for the plans we've put in motion to recover our lines to come to fruition.  Without the help of
friends and fellow breeders, we would have no hope of staying afloat while we work to rebuild.  We are excited to
introduce these new additions to our family, and the wonderful people who've sent them to us.
Beorn and Mary Kate from Kandi
and Karlie Williams of
Sweet Puppies here in Michigan.
Eden, from Lynette Woodhouse
of Woodhaven Standards in
Forest, from Darlene Young
Rocking Y Ranch in Texas.
Rocky, from Daniel Stoltzfus in
Photo Coming Soon
Reba, Sugar, and Sweetie from Doug
and Margaret Schmechel of
Hurricane Creek Doodles
in Tennessee
Our thanks to Pat Warren, Shirley Dougherty, and Chris & Emily Scott of Have It All Poodles, for
providing transportation for our new additions.
Paisley and Bailey from Kandi and
Karlie Williams of
Kandi's Sweet
Puppies here in Michigan.
We also extend our thanks to everyone who donated to the Go Fund Me campaign that was set up by
Marlene Marchaesi, who became a part of our Snow Creek family when she adopted Henri in 2017.  
Your help enabled us to purchase security cameras to help safeguard our babies from anything like this
in the future.  These motion activated, extended range, night vision security cameras transmit feed to our
cel phones in real time.  They also have speakers and microphones that enable us to speak though
them.  We would never have been able to add this measure of protection without your help.
Sue Abeln of Kit-Sue Poodles
March, 2009 I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  My daughter, Olivia, was just nine years old.  The nature of my
cancer, the aggressive treatment it required, and the numerous surgeries left us no option but to retire every dog in
our program at that time.  When my chemo treatments were completed, Sue invited us to visit.  She sent Tailor,
Maize, and Cheyenne back with us to re-establish our breeding program.
Sue was a tremendous source of love and support.  She was always there for us, whether I needed a shoulder to cry
on, her wisdom and experience to bounce ideas off of, or her help in keeping our house full of the pitter-patter of
furry feet...without which it would not be a home.
October, 2016 Sue was called Home from her battle with lung cancer.  Our lives were enriched beyond measure for
her having been a part of it.
What I Learned From Sue

BLESSING ONE:  What's a dog between friends?  She set my program back on it's track after my bout with cancer
by sharing her love and her dogs.  Every dog or puppy was "send me a puppy later", but "later" only came once.  I
would offer her babies, and she would decline saying she was full up or something.  Weeks later I would see a
similar pup arrive at her place from somewhere else.  She would never take that "puppy back" because she did not
want to take food off our table when she could get that puppy later from somewhere else.

BLESSING TWO:  Do not compromise your values to please others to get by in this business.  What is right is not
always what is popular; but what is popular will always change.  Stand your moral ground so that you can still meet
your reflection with pride.

BLESSING THREE:  Whenever possible, always be kind.  You never know what the other person is going
through.  Even if they wrong you, they may come back when their head and heart are in the right place.  If they
don't, you have still done a kindness by letting it go, both for them and for yourself.

BLESSING FOUR:  Regret nothing.  Every decision made is the best you could do at that time.  Don't let hindsight
nag at you. It only keeps your full attention away from the future.

BLESSING FIVE:  Always have a new dream, and meet every day with your feet on the path to it.  It is never too
late to fall in love with your life again.

BLESSING SIX:  Unwavering loyalty to those you love.  She has held me up many, many times with her love and
support.  I never had to ask or wonder where I stood with her.  She reminded me again and again how much she
loved me, my daughter.  She stood up for me and had my back so many times, often before I knew I needed it.

BLESSING SEVEN:  Do what you love.  No matter your passion, follow it.  Pour yourself into it.  Submerge
yourself.  The reward may not be monetary, but it is a reward that cannot be had any other way.

BLESSING EIGHT:  Face your fears, which I am doing now.  Fear of not knowing how I will go on without her
presence in my life.  Without her guidance, her support, the comfort of her love.  I am very afraid, and feeling very
lost; but I will gather what strength I can and carry on so that, when we meet again, she will be proud of me.
October 18, 2016