I would love to be a bee
With a great big family
Where we all live together in a hive

Sharing one communal heart
Each of us doing our part
So our family will be prosperous and thrive

I would have no need for money
I'd be rich in golden honey
Never tired of that sweet, sustaining nectar

When it's time to work I'd go
To help all green things grow
To do my part as Mother Earth's protector
Great Lakes Honeycomb
At Snow Creek
Every day a grand vacation
As we work on pollination
Surrounded by the perfume of a rose

Dandelions and the clover
Fruits and veggies the world over
Basking in the scent of everything that grows

I would spend my waking hours
Helping all the food and flowers
Grow and flourish. That would be my daily goal

I would love to be a bee
Where my family and me
Live to feed the world in body and in soul
Honey is every bit as sweet as her name.  
She is the great granddaughter of
Hawk.  She can be a firecracker, with
an energy and spark that can be felt from
across the room.  Fearless and bold, she is
also sensitive and sweet.  She is so much
like her, it is almost like having Ready
home again.  
Our deepest thanks to our friend, Anna of
Great Lakes Bernedoodles, for sending this
bright, beautiful girl to us.
Carrying parti,
brown, and phantom, she and her sister
Honey are exciting additions to our
Born June, 2019
DM, NE, vWD Clear
Colors: Black, Brown, Cream
Patterns: Parti, Phantom

Baby Pics