March, 2009 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The first mastectomy was done almost immediately, followed the next week by a
second lymphectomy as the cancer had already begun to spread.  Chemo began two weeks after that. My daughter Olivia, then nine
years old, and I live alone.  Taking care of me and the dogs on her own while I battled this disease and struggled through my
treatments was simply more than she could do.  After much deliberation, we decided it would be best to spay our girls and find them
new families.  We spayed and placed all of the adults and puppies we'd held back, keeping only Vanna and Jersey.    Months later,
when my chemo was finally nearing an end, Sue Abeln of Kitsue Poodles invited us to visit.  The day of my last treatment we set out
for Oklahoma (a friend driving).  That may sound crazy, but with two more surgeries ahead of me sooner was better than later.    
While there we  enjoyed a much needed weekend of rest and relaxation in the company of a good friend.  She introduced us to
everyone, some dogs familiar from our last visit, some new, and a reunion with Luna who was born here.  At that time she asked
who we would like to bring home with us.  The three girls below came to us from Kit-Sue to help restore our breeding
Kit-Sue's Tri-Color Tailor
Tailor is a blue phantom
marked parti whose
energy and zest for life
livened up our home
considerably! She was
retired spring of 2012.
*Shy Anne *
Kit-Sue's Shy Anne Wanna Parti
ShyAnne is a brown & white
parti  who feels that more
time should be spent on your
lap that on the ground.  
* Maize *
Kit-Sue's Maize of Color
Maize is a cream sable & white
parti out of UKC CH Lujaxs The
Masterharper and UKC CH
Kitsue's Legend Lives On.   Her
quiet dignity and loving nature
have stolen my heart. She will
be here with us forever.
Yet again she manages to help
herself before we can unpack
the treats!
Weight  65 - 70 lbs.
Height  26"
Weight   55 - 60 lbs.
Height  25"
Height  25"
Weight  48 lbs.
ShyAnne shared one litter of
ShyAnne shared one litter of
puppies with us, giving us
Poppy to share our home.
ShyAnne has been retired
and is presently living a life
of luxury with her new family
in Ohio.
My beloved Maize was tragically hit by a car
October 21st, 2011.  She got over the fence
somehow and was hit across the street from our
house on her way home.  While she should not
have been out, if the car that hit her had been
obeying the speed limit in our residential area, she
would have survived her injuries.  Unfortunately,  
that person was driving nearly double the limit.  
Her injuries were numerous and severe, and we
had to let her go.   Be it a day or a decade from
today,  my this heart will still be mourning the loss
of my beautiful Maize.  The part of my heart she
owns is forever her's and will be restless until we
are reunited.
~ Our Girls ~
She is a quiet girl, as devoted
and sweet natured as her mom,
Maize.  This girl holds my heart.  
We have no plans to rehome her
upon retirement.
Snow Creek Cypress
~ Cypress ~
Thank you, Sue, for all of your love and support. You are always there for us whether I need your shoulder to cry
on, your wisdom and experience to bounce ideas off of, or your help in keeping our house full of the pitter-patter
of furry feet...without which it would not be a home.      ~ Much love, Lisa & Olivia
* Tailor *
~ Joplin ~
Snow Creek Joplin
Joplin is a silverbeige phantom.  
She has her mom, Ready's,
happy-go-lucky spirit: and she
has her dad, Hawk's, steady
~ Emmie ~
LaFleche's She's Headin' For
The Woods
Emmie is a lovely silver phantom
who joins us courtesy of our
friend Molly of Molly's darling
Doodles in northern Michigan.
~ Tempest ~
Snow Creek Tempest
Tempest is a sable parti.  She is
the sweetest girl, happy and
loving with her whole heart.  Out
of Cypress and Castle, she is
third and fifth generation with our
~ Raven ~
Snow Creek Raven
Raven is brindle.  A Castle
daughter, she is also 5th
generation on his side to join our
family.  She is a quick learner,
social, and easy going.  
~ Gaia ~
Snow Creek Gaia
Gaia is a silverbeige parti
phantom.  Out of Emmie and
Rocket she is four generations
with our family on her sire's side.
She is a gentle, joyful hearted girl.