Available & Retired
Adopted by the Taylor family
June, 2009
Adopted  June, 2009.
Adopted by the Kantrovich
family July, 2010
We will sometimes list an adult long before the time they are actually ready to leave our
family to join yours.  The reason for this is twofold:  1) Quite often someone looking for two
dogs will prefer to adopt the mom instead of a second puppy.  This enables her to stay with
a dog she already knows and loves.  2) We decline many more inquiries for adults than we
do puppies.  Adults are much more set in their ways, and we try very hard to ease their
transition into a new family by waiting for the one that is the ideal fit for them.  While we
take great pride in helping to match the dog who is a perfect fit with your family, it is just as
important to us that we find our retirees a family that is the perfect fit for them.  We will
often post them up to a year before they are ready to go.  It is not because we are in a rush
for them to leave.  It is to give us the most time to ensure their future happiness.  
Adopted July, 2010
Adopted by the Alldinger
family April 2012
Adopted by the Grace family
May 2012
Adopted by Jacquie
December, 2014
David adopted three girls we planned to
retire in 2013/2014.  Poppy,  Tsunami, and
Vanna.  We, and the girls, are so very blessed
that his home and his heart have room for
all three to live out their lives together.  
Thank you, David!
Adopted by David October, 2013
Adopted by Shannon
September, 2014
Adopted by Kim
July, 2015
Adopted July, 2015
Adopted by the Hryniewiecki
family September, 2015
Adopted by the Jyawook
family March, 2016
Adopted by the Comer
family May, 2017
Adopted by Mary
Ellen June, 2017
Snow Creek Cypress
Cypress is officially retired! She is a quiet,
well-mannered, easy going dog who gets on well
with everyone. Born here, she has always been a
house pet. If you have popcorn to share on
movie night, extra blanket space to snuggle in,
and spare room in the car for trips to the park
and pet-friendly stores she is the girl for you!
Please feel free to visit her page if you would like
to get to know her better.
Adopted  August, 2017
Adopted by the Bobrin
Family May, 2017
Cypress has been adopted.  
Please contact us for
information about our next
Adopted by Jacquie
Spring, 2018
Adopted by David
December, 2018
Five years ago, David adopted Vanna, Poppy,
and Tsunami.  Sadly, Vanna and Tsunami
passed away last year (2018).  Poppy could not
live with the loss.  She declined, physically and
emotionally, and was unable to heal.  
When Cypress was ready to be retired, we
reached out to David.  He, Poppy, and Junior
(another Poodle) made a road trip to Michigan
days later, and the girls were reunited.  The
years apart did not break their bond or
diminish their love for one another.  We could
not be happier that they will be sharing the rest
of their lives together.
Adopted by Carolyn
March, 2019
April 14, 2019
October, 2011
Adopted by the Kindt
family November, 2016
Adopted by Daniel
Spring, 2018